Wall of Supporters: Honoring Our Champions

Welcome to the Wall of Supporters, a dedicated space to honor and recognize the generous individuals and organizations who have contributed to preserving the legacy of the Lefaucheux family. Your support is invaluable to our mission of celebrating and sharing the rich history of Lefaucheux innovations in firearm technology.

Honoring Our Research Pioneers

In Memory of Chris Curtis

Chris Curtis is widely recognized in the pinfire community as the author of foundational works such as “The Pinfire System” and “Système Lefaucheux.” His dedication to the world of pinfire arms stands as a testament to his passion. Chris delved deep into research during an era when resources were limited and the internet was yet to reshape the world. His contributions have significantly broadened our understanding and appreciation of the subject.

As we honor Chris, let’s acknowledge the lasting impact he has had on the pinfire community. His legacy is one that will surely resonate for generations to come.

Acknowledging Gérard Lautissier and Michel Renonciat

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Gérard Lautissier and Michel Renonciat, the authors of “Casimir Lefaucheux, Arquebusier 1802-1852.” Their meticulous research and dedication have provided invaluable insights into the life and work of Casimir Lefaucheux. This book stands as a significant contribution to the understanding and appreciation of Lefaucheux’s innovations in firearm technology.

Gérard Lautissier and Michel Renonciat’s work exemplifies the spirit of scholarship and passion that drives the Lefaucheux Museum’s mission. Their contributions help us to preserve and celebrate the remarkable legacy of the Lefaucheux family.

Acknowledging Our Contributors

Guillaume Van Mastrigt

Guillaume Van Mastrigt has made significant contributions to the curation and preservation of the Eugène Lefaucheux Family Archives. His meticulous work has provided invaluable insights into the life and innovations of Eugène Lefaucheux, ensuring that his legacy is well-documented and accessible to researchers and enthusiasts alike. Guillaume’s extensive research and multiple publications on the topic have deepened our understanding of the Lefaucheux family’s impact on firearm technology. His articles featured in this museum reflect his dedication and expertise, making him an indispensable part of our mission to celebrate and preserve the Lefaucheux heritage.

Aaron Newcomer

Aaron Newcomer has dedicated his research to the study of pinfire guns and cartridges, with a particular focus on the innovations of Casimir Lefaucheux and Jean Samuel Pauly. His extensive knowledge and passion for early firearms have greatly enriched the historical narrative of the Lefaucheux family. Aaron’s instrumental role in bringing The Lefaucheux Museum to fruition cannot be overstated. His vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment have been pivotal in establishing this museum as a premier online resource for enthusiasts and scholars. We are deeply grateful for his contributions and ongoing support.

Recognizing Our Patrons and Supporters

A Call to Future Patrons

The Lefaucheux Museum thrives on the generosity and support of individuals who share our passion for preserving the rich history and legacy of the Lefaucheux family. While we have yet to welcome our first official patrons, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to honor those who will join us in this important mission.

Your monetary support is crucial in helping us maintain and expand our digital collections, develop engaging educational programs, and curate innovative exhibits. By becoming a patron, you will play a vital role in ensuring that the pioneering spirit of the Lefaucheux family continues to inspire and educate future generations.

We invite you to become a part of our community and make a lasting impact.