Research Initiatives at The Lefaucheux Museum

Discover the rich legacy of the Lefaucheux family through our dedicated Research Projects page. Explore in-depth studies on their innovative firearms and impact on 19th-century engineering. Join us in uncovering new insights and contributing to historical scholarship.

At The Lefaucheux Museum, our dedication to uncovering and preserving the rich history of the Lefaucheux family extends beyond mere exhibition. Our Research Projects page is a portal into the ongoing scholarly pursuits that bring to light new insights about the innovative designs and enduring impact of Casimir Lefaucheux his predecessors and successors.

Each project, guided by experts in historical firearms and archival studies, aims to deepen understanding and appreciation of the Lefaucheux contributions to firearms technology and 19th-century European industry.

Our current projects include:

The Comprehensive Catalogue of Casimir Lefaucheux’s Firearms

Our journey into the past continues as we delve into the intricate world of Casimir Lefaucheux, a pioneer whose work set the stage for modern firearms technology. Despite the scarcity of comprehensive guides and original documentation, our dedicated team is committed to uncovering every model ever crafted by Lefaucheux. Through meticulous research and documentation, this project aims to assemble the first-ever complete catalogue of Lefaucheux’s firearms, shedding light on his profound influence in the field. Join us as we piece together the legacy of a master craftsman, revealing artifacts and designs previously lost to history.

Tracing the Origins: The Elusive Legacy of Pauly Guns

Our exploration at The Lefaucheux Museum takes us further back to the roots of Eugène Lefaucheux’s innovations—his early experiences with Pauly guns. Despite their critical role in the history of breech-loading firearms, surprisingly little is documented about these pioneering weapons. Our project seeks to illuminate this obscure chapter, exploring the genesis of breech-loading technology and documenting every Pauly gun known and discovered. By uncovering the foundations upon which Lefaucheux built his career, we aim to enrich our understanding of early firearm technology and celebrate the legacy that shaped future advancements. Join us in rediscovering the groundbreaking work of Pauly, a key influence in Lefaucheux’s journey and a cornerstone in firearms history.