Our Leadership and Governance: Steering The Lefaucheux Museum

Discover the dedicated team behind The Lefaucheux Museum in our "Leadership and Governance" section. Meet our board of directors, composed of experts and enthusiasts who uphold our commitment to preserving and promoting the Lefaucheux legacy through innovative exhibitions and educational initiatives. Explore the governance structures that ensure our museum operates with integrity, transparency, and a forward-looking vision to inspire and educate our global community.

Our Vision & Mission: Guiding The Future of The Lefaucheux Museum

As we chart the course for The Lefaucheux Museum, our Vision and Mission serve as fundamental guiding principles that inform our governance and leadership decisions. These statements encapsulate our dedication to celebrating and preserving the legacy of the Lefaucheux family’s innovations in firearm technology. Through steadfast leadership and clear governance, we are committed to bringing this historical narrative to a global audience, ensuring that the pioneering spirit of the Lefaucheux family continues to inspire and educate future generations. Read on to discover the core of our aspirations and our strategic approach to achieving them.

Our Vision: To be a global leader in the preservation, study, and celebration of historical firearms, fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricate craftsmanship and technological innovations of the Lefaucheux family that have shaped our history and continue to influence modern engineering.

Our Mission: To preserve the heritage of the Lefaucheux family’s firearm innovations through comprehensive archival collections, engaging educational programs, and dynamic exhibitions. We are committed to bringing this rich history to a diverse audience, promoting understanding of the technological advancements and historical contexts of the Lefaucheux era. Through collaboration with historians, educators, and technology experts, we strive to inspire and inform every visitor about the groundbreaking contributions of the Lefaucheux family to firearms engineering.

Introduction to the Board of The Lefaucheux Museum

Meet the guiding forces behind The Lefaucheux Museum, a team dedicated to the preservation and education of historical firearms. Our board members bring diverse expertise and a shared passion for the legacy of the Lefaucheux family, each contributing unique insights and resources that enrich our museum’s mission.

Aaron Newcomer

President and Board Member

Aaron Newcomer, a seasoned technology executive and an esteemed figure in the field of historical firearms and ammunition, serves as the President of The Lefaucheux Museum. His expertise, particularly in early 19th-century breech-loading firearms systems such as those developed by Jean Samuel Pauly and Casimir Lefaucheux, is a cornerstone of the museum’s educational and preservation efforts. The Aaron Newcomer Collection, renowned for its rare guns, cartridges and extensive documentation, provides a foundational resource for the museum, enriching its exhibits and research capabilities.

In addition to his role at the museum, Aaron is actively involved in the broader firearms and ammunition community as a director of the International Ammunition Association and a member of several prestigious arms collectors’ societies. This involvement extends to organizing the St. Louis International Cartridge Show, which serves as a major hub for collectors and professionals to exchange knowledge and explore the history of ammunition.

Under Aaron’s leadership, The Lefaucheux Museum not only preserves the legacy of historical firearms but also advances public understanding through innovative educational programs. His commitment to integrating technology enhances the museum’s outreach and engagement, ensuring that the fascinating history of firearms and their technological advancements remain accessible and compelling to a broad audience. Aaron’s vision and dedication position the museum as a pivotal institution for both the appreciation and scholarly examination of historical firearms.

Alexander Haimann

Secretary AND Board Member

Alexander Haimann is a distinguished businessman and a former collections specialist at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum. His profound dedication to philately led to his election as a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London, an honor reflecting his significant contributions to the field. His philatelic interests are notably diverse, extending from detailed postal histories to the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War, which has become a central theme in his collection. This collection not only includes postal items but also artifacts such as Zulu shields, spears, and British military uniforms, providing a rich, multidimensional perspective on the conflict.

His role as a historical gun collector and dealer adds further depth to his expertise, enhancing the museum’s focus on firearms and their historical contexts. As secretary, Alexander ensures that The Lefaucheux Museum adheres to its governance while steering its strategic vision towards educational and inspirational goals. His leadership is instrumental in bridging historical craftsmanship with modern insights, making history accessible and engaging for contemporary audiences. His efforts help to maintain the legacy of the Lefaucheux family and promote a deeper appreciation of the historical and technological significance of their contributions to firearm engineering.

Paul Basso

Board Member

Paul Basso, a retired Master Sergeant of the U.S. Army and former Sergeant of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns, serves on the board of directors at The Lefaucheux Museum. His military tenure, characterized by profound respect for military traditions and the honor of fallen soldiers, deeply informs his dedication to the preservation and interpretation of firearms history.

An avid collector, Paul’s personal passion for antique firearms and ammunition, especially advertising and powder tins, adds depth to the museum’s collections. His expertise offers unique insights into the evolution of firearm technology, enriching the museum’s educational offerings.

With his guidance, The Lefaucheux Museum aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the intricate relationship between history, technology, and craftsmanship. His leadership ensures that the legacy of the Lefaucheux family continues to inspire and educate future generations on the historical and technological significance of firearms.