William Creighton’s Review of Pauly’s Boat Propulsion Experiment, December 1818

This letter, dated December 21, 1818, from William Creighton of Boulton, Watt & Co. in Birmingham, to an unspecified recipient, provides a critical assessment of Jean Samuel Pauly's boat propulsion experiment. Creighton discusses the inefficacy and impracticality of Pauly’s proposed mechanism for boat propulsion, noting that it does not offer significant improvements over existing technologies. He highlights the need for economic viability and practical application in engineering innovations.

Key Points:
Critical Evaluation: Creighton emphasizes that Pauly’s propulsion mechanism did not demonstrate adequate improvements in efficiency or economic benefits. He suggests that the experiment lacked the necessary advantages to justify further consideration.

Economic and Practical Concerns: The letter stresses the importance of innovations being both economically viable and practically applicable, mirroring the broader industrial sentiment of the time....


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