William Creighton’s Assessment of Pauly’s Boat Experiment, December 1818

This letter, dated December 21, 1818, from William Creighton of Boulton and Watt to James Brown in London, provides an assessment of Jean Samuel Pauly’s recent boat experiment. The letter highlights both positive observations and practical considerations regarding Pauly's model boat, and also mentions an interesting metal sample sent for review.

Key Points:

Positive Observations of Boat Experiment: Creighton reports that Brown, Wager & Mosley observed Pauly’s boat experiment and found the performance of the model satisfactory. They noted the boat’s innovative design and expressed optimism about its potential applications.

Practical Considerations: Creighton suggests that further testing with standardized models would help compare Pauly’s design against conventional technologies more effectively. He emphasizes the need for economic feasibility and practical utility in any new innovation.

Interesting Metal Sample: The letter mentions the return of a metal sample provided by Pauly...


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