Plomdeur’s Enhanced Fusil à la Pauly: A Testament to Early 19th-Century Gunsmithing

This firearm showcases the practical improvements made by Jacques-Joseph Plomdeur to the "fusil à la Pauly." Known for his contributions to firearm technology in the early 19th century, Plomdeur refined the Pauly gun design to enhance its reliability and ease of use. The firearm, preserved in excellent condition, demonstrates the meticulous craftsmanship of its time. Its intricate details and well-preserved state, including the vibrant case hardening, highlight the quality of Plomdeur's work.

The gun features two Henri Roux-style rosettes, which are central to Plomdeur's design modifications. These rosettes swing open when the breech is fully opened, allowing for easy insertion of cartridges. This design facilitated quicker reloading while maintaining the structural integrity of the firearm, addressing practical needs of the time. The rosettes are designed to accept early hexagonal percussion caps by Jules Gévelot, showcasing a thoughtful integration of components for more reliable an...


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