Picherau Cane Gun Cartridge

This full-length metal cartridge, often attributed to Eugène Picherau, successor to Henri Roux, was designed for use in a specialized cane gun. The cane gun, a clever and discreet firearm, was highly regarded for its effectiveness in both defense and hunting. Described in period literature as a solid and reliable weapon, it could fire both ball and shot with precision.

The cane gun featured a hinged mechanism where the cartridge was inserted and a spring-loaded firing pin that ignited the percussion cap at the base of the cartridge. This specific cartridge measures approximately 6 inches in length and is made entirely of metal, providing durability and reliability. The pointed end holds the percussion cap, marking a departure from earlier Pauly designs that used separate priming compounds.

The linked illustrations and descriptions from the 19th-century text "Le Vieux Chasseur" highlight the cane gun's functionality. It describes the use of superfine gunpowder and the gun’s ability to...


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