Jean Samuel Pauly’s 1812 Improvement in Firearms Patent

Jean Pauly Pauly's patent details an innovative breech-loading firearm design that represents a significant advancement in firearm technology of the early 19th century. The key features of this invention include:

Breech-Loading Mechanism: The firearm is designed to load ammunition through the breech, the rear part of the barrel, rather than the muzzle. This allows for faster reloading and improved safety.

Metallic Cartridge: One of the most notable aspects of Pauly's invention is the use of a self-contained metallic cartridge. This cartridge includes a primer, propellant, and projectile, all housed within a single metal casing. This innovation simplifies the loading process and enhances the reliability of the firearm.

Percussion Ignition: The patent describes a percussion ignition system, which replaces the traditional flintlock mechanism. The percussion system is more dependable, especially in adverse weather conditions, and contributes to a higher rate of fire.

Enhanced Safety Fe...


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