Manuel De L’armurier, Du Fourbisseur Et De L’arquebusier: Ou Traité Complet Et Simplifié De Ces Arts

The "Manuel de l'armurier, du fourbisseur et de l'arquebusier: ou traité complet et simplifié de ces arts" is an essential 19th-century reference work that provides a comprehensive and simplified guide to the art of gunsmithing, sword-making, and arquebusier practices. Authored by Paul H. Desormeaux and published in 1832, this manual is an invaluable resource for understanding the technological advancements and manufacturing techniques of the period. Within its pages, the manual extensively covers the groundbreaking innovations introduced by Jean Samuel Pauly, a key figure in the development of modern firearms. Pauly's contributions to firearms technology are detailed with significant emphasis on his improvements over traditional designs.

The document underscores several key advantages of Pauly's firearms. Enhanced firing range and speed: Pauly's guns are noted for their ability to shoot further and more accurately than conventional firearms of the time. The design allows for ten to t...


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