M. Pauly’s Balloon Invention, 1804 – Early English Mention in The Scots Magazine

In the August issue of The Scots Magazine, dated 1804, an intriguing entry appears on the progress of manufacturing, science, and the fine arts. This entry is particularly notable for being one of the earliest mentions in English of M. Pauly, an innovative mechanic from Switzerland. On the 30th of August, it was reported that Pauly had invented a groundbreaking machine designed to control the ascent, descent, and directional movement of a balloon. This invention allowed the balloon to turn, rise, and lower with remarkable precision, even enabling it to travel several leagues in an hour without wind assistance.

The report highlights a public demonstration of Pauly's balloon on the 22nd of August at Sceaux, near Paris. During this demonstration, Pauly showcased the balloon's capabilities before an audience, performing various aerial maneuvers. This public trial not only underscored the practical application of his invention but also marked a significant advancement in the field of aeron...


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