Lieutenant-General Allix on the Advantages of Jean Pauly’s Breech-Loading Rifle

Published in the 1897 issue of "Revue d'Artillerie," Lieutenant-General Allix's memoir provides an insightful retrospective on Jean Pauly's groundbreaking invention. "Revue d'Artillerie" was a respected military journal, providing expert analyses and discussions on artillery and firearms developments, making it an ideal platform for examining the historical significance of Pauly's rifle. Jean Pauly, a former Swiss artillery officer, introduced his breech-loading rifle in 1812, drawing significant attention from military experts and even Emperor Napoleon.

The Pauly Rifle simplified the loading process to four basic steps: uncovering the breech, inserting the cartridge, and closing the breech. This was a stark contrast to the five-step process required for flintlock muskets, which involved priming and tearing the cartridge, among other actions. This streamlined process allowed soldiers to fire three shots in the time it took to fire one with conventional muskets, significantly increasin...


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