Letter from S. J. Pauly to Boulton & Watt, October 13, 1817

The letter from S. J. Pauly to Boulton & Watt, dated October 13, 1817, is a significant piece of correspondence housed within the Boulton & Watt Collection. Written in French, this letter highlights the innovative spirit and technological advancements of the early 19th century.

S. J. Pauly, an inventor and engineer based in London, begins his letter by referencing a previous visit to Birmingham, where he had the honor of discussing his ideas with Mr. Watt the son. Pauly details his ongoing experiments with a new steam boat model, emphasizing the improvements made since his initial demonstration. He describes conducting extensive tests with a Waterman's boat powered by the strength of two men. These experiments, Pauly asserts, confirm that his design can achieve the same speed as a boat with two oars and even compete with traditional steam-powered vessels once properly calibrated.

Pauly meticulously outlines the advantages of his new steam boat design. He highlights the signif...


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