L’école du chasseur

"L'école du chasseur" is a seminal work published in 1822, serving as a comprehensive manual for hunters of the period. This book provides in-depth guidance on various aspects of hunting, including techniques, equipment, and safety practices. A notable feature of this manual is its inclusion of early drawings and an extensive extract about Pauly guns by Henri Roux. The manual devotes around 60 pages to print an extract from Roux’s publication, "Fusils De Chasse, Et Principalement Des Fusils a Pistons De L’invention Pauly, Avec Quelques Observations Sur La Fabrication Des Armes a Feu, Sur La Chasse, Sur La Poudre Et Ses Effets". This book is all about the benefits of the new Pauly rifle and pistol, a system for which Henri Roux owned the patents and company.

The manual offers practical advice for hunters, covering topics such as the selection and maintenance of firearms, hunting strategies, and the importance of safety in the field. Henri Roux's drawings and extract provide valuable in...


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