Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors by George Priestel

"Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors" by George Priestel is an authoritative work that delves into the historical and technical evolution of Pauly firearms and their influence on modern weaponry. The book meticulously chronicles the pioneering efforts of Jean Samuel Pauly, a key figure in the development of the breech-loading firearm, and his subsequent collaboration with Henri Roux, who played a crucial role in furthering Pauly's innovations.

This publication explores the technical advancements introduced by Pauly, such as his revolutionary breech-loading mechanism, which marked a significant departure from the muzzle-loading firearms of the time. It details how Pauly's designs were enhanced and commercialized by Henri Roux and later successors, thereby setting new standards in firearm efficiency, safety, and usability.

Priestel's work is enriched with detailed descriptions and illustrations of Pauly's original patents, the enhancements made by Roux, and the subsequent ite...


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