Jean Samuel Pauly – 1812 Firearm Innovations (Le Moniteur Universel, January 18, 1814)

This article from the January 18, 1814 issue of "Le Moniteur Universel" highlights the groundbreaking firearm innovations by Jean Samuel Pauly. The article begins by referencing a report presented by Baron Delessert to the Société d'Encouragement de l'Industrie Nationale on November 8, 1812, which praised the reliability and innovative design of Pauly's firearms after rigorous testing.

Pauly's firearms are noted for their breech-loading mechanism, allowing both the primer and charge to be loaded from the rear of the barrel. This innovation eliminates the need for a ramrod, priming pan, and hammer, greatly simplifying the loading process and enhancing firing accuracy and reliability. Unlike traditional muzzle-loading firearms, Pauly's design performs exceptionally well even in adverse weather conditions, avoiding common issues such as misfires and long delays in firing.

The article emphasizes the practical advantages of Pauly's firearms, including their ability to fire up to 12 shots ...


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