James Watt Sr. Correspondence: Concerns Over Pauly’s Inventions, July 1817

This letter, dated July 4, 1817, is from James Watt Sr., a prominent engineer known for his work on the steam engine, to his son James Watt Jr. The letter discusses various topics, including their work on steam boats and the proposals from the Swiss inventor Jean Samuel Pauly. Watt Sr. expresses caution and skepticism regarding Pauly’s ambitious schemes, reflecting on the practical challenges and the potential implications of these innovations.

Details on Projects:

Steam Boat Propulsion: James Watt Sr. discusses the challenges associated with improving the speed and efficiency of steam boats. He refers to Mr. Schroder's steam boat, which managed to achieve 3 miles per hour against a headwind of 1.5 miles per hour, highlighting the technical difficulties and the need for reliable solutions in adverse conditions. Watt Sr. advises his son to exercise caution in any further engagements with steam boat advancements, particularly regarding the Caledonia, a vessel they are evidently involve...


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