James Watt Jr. Correspondence: Consultation with Jean Samuel Pauly, July 1817

This letter, dated July 15, 1817, is part of the James Watt and Family Papers and features a detailed account from James Watt Jr., based in Soho, to his father, James Watt Sr., residing in London. In this correspondence, Watt Jr. describes a visit from the Swiss inventor Jean Samuel Pauly, accompanied by a German named Sternhauser, who approached Watt Jr. for advice on several innovative projects, including boat propulsion mechanisms, scales, and firearm technology. Pauly, renowned for his pioneering work in breech-loading firearms and self-contained cartridges, sought to collaborate with Watt on these diverse technological advancements.

Details on Projects:

Boat Propulsion Mechanism: Pauly presented a unique concept for propelling boats using a system distinct from conventional methods. He proposed a new model boat equipped with a mid-sized paddle wheel, operated by a mechanical system that diverged from the standard steam engines of the time. Pauly had experimented with this design...


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