Jacques-Joseph Plomdeur | Improvement to the Percussion Cap for Guns, 1837

On June 8, 1837, Jacques-Joseph Plomdeur, a prominent Parisian gunsmith, secured a patent for a series of substantial enhancements to firearms, focusing notably on the percussion cap and loading mechanisms. Operating from his workshop at 5 bis, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière, Plomdeur's innovations aimed to significantly improve the reliability, functionality, and ease of use of contemporary firearms. His efforts were directed towards addressing critical issues faced by hunters and soldiers who required dependable and efficient weapons in the field.

The primary objective of Plomdeur’s 1837 patent was to refine the functionality of the percussion cap. His new design featured a mushroom-shaped head, which ensured a more secure fit and better contact with the firing pin, thereby reducing the chances of misfires. Additionally, Plomdeur introduced a breech-loading mechanism that allowed the gun to be loaded from the rear, enhancing both safety and reloading speed. This innovation was complem...


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