Jacques-Joseph Plomdeur | Addition to Patent for Improvements to Pauly Guns, 1825

On November 17, 1825, Jacques-Joseph Plomdeur was granted an addition to his initial patent from March of the same year. This addition continued to refine his improvements to Pauly guns, addressing further mechanical complexities and enhancing the user experience for hunters. Plomdeur’s objective with this new patent was to eliminate the need for hunters to carry a large number of rosettes, which were essential for the operation of Pauly’s guns.

In his new patent, Plomdeur introduced the use of rosettes made from molten steel and lined with platinum, significantly increasing their durability. He devised a mechanism that utilized a "fork" to attach the rosette to the gun’s frame, allowing it to swivel back and forth to load a cartridge. This innovation streamlined the process, making it more efficient and reducing the burden on the user.

This additional improvement worked synergistically with Plomdeur’s earlier invention of the mushroom-shaped primer cap, ensuring a robust and reliabl...


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