Henri Roux’s 1823 Patent: Improvements to Pauly’s Gun Design

On June 26, 1823, Henri Roux submitted a detailed patent for substantial improvements to Jean Samuel Pauly's groundbreaking gun design. This patent, officially recorded with the French Ministry of the Interior, provides an in-depth look at Roux's innovative modifications aimed at enhancing the performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance of Pauly's original firearm. The patent application is comprehensive, featuring both descriptive text and intricate technical drawings that meticulously illustrate Roux's advancements.

Henri Roux's enhancements primarily focused on optimizing the gun's internal mechanisms to address common operational challenges. A key characteristic of Roux's patent was the redesign of the breech to accept and use cartridges with a nipple at the end. These new cartridges were designed to accept a common percussion cap, a significant departure from Pauly's older-style cartridges, which used a separate priming compound on the base of the cartridge. This modificati...


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